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Free Dialysis unit at Santhi Dialysis Centre Kalpatta

Kidney patients are increasing day by day and the only solution is dialysis or transplantation to stay alive. But the painful fact is that, due to lack of donors, most of kidney patients are forced to accept their final fate. With so many life-threatening diseases and possibilities that target the organs, having a fresh supply of donor organs is a struggle.

The primary modality of support is to prevent accumulation of this toxin by using an external means called  ‘Renal Dialysis’. The number of patients is growing large and large and very few of them can afford to get into a successful transplant programme.  Many of the patients are forced to depend on regular and large term dialysis. The cost of dialysis varies from Rs.500/- to 1500/- per session. On an average a renal failure patient needs 2 to 3 sessions per week. Most of the dialysis centre are attached to major hospitals in urban areas. The patients from the rural areas has to travel to and fro for their treatment twice or thrice a week adding physical and monetary strain. This results in number of patients withdrawing from the system and resigning themselves to lifetime misery and woes.

With the prime objective of  helping and benefiting the under privileged patients, SANTHWANAM joined hands with SANTHI Medical Information Centre  in facilitating dialysis  by sponsoring new dialysis machine to their unit in Wayanad district in 2011 . The unit is a fully fledged biggest dialysis venture of Santhi MIC,  with 9 dialysis machines, a well experienced Nephrologist and assisted by one Duty Doctor, 5 dialysis technicians, 3 female nurses and a house keeper. Every month, unit provides 450 Dialysis,  out of which nearly 150 are free or subsidized dialysis with the support of various trusts and well wishers.

Every month, SANTHWANAM sponsors 6 free dialysis at Santhi’s free/subsidized dialysis Units in Kerala since 2010. The concept of supporting  such free dialysis emerges from the need for dialysis facilities for a vast number of rural patients with renal failure. As we know these patients are unable to bear the huge cost incurred in renal replacement therapy for a  sustained life.


Kottarappadi, Sheikh Usman Building
Near Ware House, Kalpatta, Wayanad
Contact No. +91-9497769546 / 0493-6206888


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