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Give Blood, Give Life

KUWAIT is in need of 250 blood donors every day, and the demand is likely grow to 400 in the next five years. Being a voluntary humanitarian organization, SANTHWANAM aiming to create a culture of blood donation among expatriate society in Kuwait. As you are reading this, a child in hospital is receiving a blood transfusion. A girl is learning how to smile again, as she recovers from leukemia. In another ward, an old man is being treated for severe burns.

They all rely on blood donation from healthy people like you? 

You could be investing in your own future as well as saving someone’s life!

Who can become a donor? 

Anyone, as long as you are over 18, under 60 and in good health

What blood groups are needed?

All groups, especially the most common, which we can never have enough of.

Are there any health benefits in donating blood?

Some recent studies have shown that people who donate blood regularly are at a lower risk of cardiac diseases. This is a medically proven benefit you can enjoy by donating blood. We know that most of our donors who donate regularly feel more positive in life generally. They feel refreshed and energetic after blood donation. People with mild headaches from stress feel relieved after donating blood. Smokers benefit a lot from donating blood. The blood of smokers tends to thicken due to smoking, and donating blood helps them

How can I participate?

Register with us by providing your contact details. We will contact you once we require your precious support. You can also encourage your friends and family to take a part in our initiative. 

Donate Blood! Give the gift of Life!