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    ANNUAL SOUVENIR Released on the occasion of 16th Anniversary... 

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    Annual Meeting 2016 in News... 

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    വാർഷിക പൊതുയോഗം 2016 നടത്തി... 

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Our Team 2018

There are enough people doing the right things and the good work that have kept our land going for as long as it has done as a civilization. There are countless other similar people, who have devoted themselves to improve the lives of the poor people in society.

SANTHWANAM is the anthology of such kind of good-hearted people. Some of them joined us since beginning, some are relatively new. None of these people are hankering after reward and recognition. To all of them, their support is its own reward. We are highly indebted to our members who are the real icons of SANTHWANAM. They are all from different walks of life working in Kuwait whose inspiration, co-operation, support and success will, hopefully, enable the rest of us to lead SANTHWANAM to be prolific beyond our contemporary dreams.

SANTHWANAM has a strength of more than 3000 likeminded expatriate Indians in Kuwait from all walks of life, irrespective of region, religion, cast, creed or class. The members voluntarily contribute possible amount on monthly basis and it is utilized for providing financial assistance to poor and helpless people those are in acute distress.

Jyothidas P.N. President 66961480 Abu-Halifa
Nazar M.K. Vice President 60389080 Salmiya
Anilkumar K.S. General Secretary 66751773 Abbasiya
Sunny John C. Joint Secretary 66723929 Khaithan
Sunil Chandran Treasurer 66290745 Abu-Halifa
Sandeep Janardhanan Joint Treasurer 66364515 Salmiya
Santhosh Joseph Data Management 66207064 Mangaf
Abdul Sathar. V. Auditor 99826877 Mahboula
Aby Philipose Exe. Comm. Member 97943767 Mangaf
Mrs. Biji Thomas
Exe. Comm. Member
23710723 Mangaf
Bivin Thomas Exe. Comm. Member 99753705 Mangaf
Nelson Ninan  Exe. Comm. Member 66695420 Abbasiya
Polachan C.P. Exe. Comm. Member 66447343 Abbasiya
Poulose V.D. Exe. Comm. Member 50533630 Farwaniya
Rajendran Mullur Exe. Comm. Member 99598505 Abbasiya
Rameshan K. Exe. Comm. Member 97213475 Abbasiya
Riyas E.K. Exe. Comm. Member 99214054 Abu-Halifa
Saseendran T.S. Exe. Comm. Member 99489816 Farwaniya
Mrs. Shiny Frank Exe. Comm. Member 66823004 Abbasiya
Suresh Kumar V. Exe. Comm. Member 67035183 Abbasiya
Yousef K.V. Exe. Comm. Member 99575965 Mangaf
Babu Erinjeri Adv. Board Member 99083174 Mangaf
Hameed Keloth Adv. Board Member 66586028 Riggae
John Mathew Adv. Board Member 66456763 Bayan
Pushpalal K.R. Adv. Board Member 66496014 Mangaf
Mr. Ravindran M.N. Ex - Officio 97851584 Abbasiya
Alosious George Work. Comm. Member 65160812 Mahboula
Baiju P. Work. Comm. Member 65860817 Mangaf
Biju K. Thomas Work. Comm. Member 97240289 Abbasiya
Biju Kurian Work. Comm. Member 66949447 Abbassiya
Basil Mathew Work. Comm. Member 66043763 Mangaf
Jawed Bin Hameed Work. Comm. Member 66851717 Riggae
Jithin Jose Work. Comm. Member 99164260 Hawally
Jolly joy  Work. Comm. Member 99041105 Abu-Halifa
Mohandas K. Work. Comm. Member 66238124 Abbassiya
Rishi Jacob Work. Comm. Member 66446575 Riggae
Santhosh Kumar S Work. Comm. Member 66461397 Mahboula
Sarangadhan C. Work. Comm. Member 66590848 Mangaf
Siby John Work. Comm. Member 66428309 Abu-Halifa
Suresh Kumar V. Work. Comm. Member 67035183 Abbassiya
Yousef K.V. Work. Comm. Member 99575965 Mangaf
Sajeev Narayanan Work. Comm. Member 66224682 Abu-Halifa